Stefanie Elrick Discusses “Written in Skin” for Manchester University Students

On 24th October, 2014 Stefanie gave her first presentation about the Written in Skin Project to 3rd year Sociology students at Manchester University entitled : “Written in Skin – Flesh As A Feminist Language Frontier”

In it she discusses the relationship between Hélène Cixous’s theory of l’ecriture feminine, performance art and the poetic potential of pain.

You can watch this lecture on Youtube here.

Stefanie’s next project KAIROS will be held at Manchester’s Cornerhouse, 31st Jan / 1st Feb.

#18 Christopher Bowles

A secret laid bare at a terrible cost,
A pound of flesh paid, is not ever enough.
By mistake or design, testimony is lost
Words once left unspoken, now written in blood.


Whoever said ‘we all want love’ was a fucking fool.
Sometimes all I want is your tongue in my ass, a decent cumshot and a cigarette.

Christopher Bowles, Manchester