:: The Healing Process : Day Two : Raw Nerves ::

:: Day 2 : Out In Public : Raw Nerves ::

These are the pictures we took at 2:00am in the morning after travelling for 20hrs to Greece after a day of being stuck in airports where people have nothing to do but stand in queues for hours on end and stare at each other. I had a pretty revelatory day as to how shallow and rude people can be when they don’t understand something. Despite me giving my broadest grin to anyone who made eye contact most people seemed unsettled by my presence. One woman, stood a metre away from me, declared to her boyfriend at the top of my voice that I was horrendous. I had to move away before I said something I regretted. Another woman was so busy trying to discreetly read my face she fell over the suitcase in front of her. That made me laugh. I spoke to a couple of really cool kids, they didn’t seem even in the slightest bit perturbed and I explained that it was Loren’s job to draw on people and we were just testing out a new piece of art. One of them even drew on her own face with a blue felt tip in solidarity much to her parents dismay. After so many hours travelling my resilience to criticism was running low. I was exhausted, empty and unusually permeable to the narrow minded of others (i.e. frustrated, tired and pissed off). The lighting isn’t great, but I’m sure you can read my mood at least in these pictures.



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