Just Returned from Lindos :: Healing Nicely!

Just to let everyone know (as I’ve received a few concerned emails) that the day after Written in Skin, Loren and I went to Lindos, Rhodes Island for a wedding – hence the website not being updated yet. I will take your correspondences of concern as the greatest compliment – some people seemed to think that something had gone wrong, I can assure you nothing has, I’m healing rapidly and I feel super human, but thank you for caring.

The plan was always to convalesce and assess the project whilst my skin regenerated in a quiet and unfamiliar landscape with the beneficial aids of sea and sun (and a ton of aloe vera!).Where we were staying was very remote and I could have carted my laptop back and fourth to the village to seek out wifi but it felt against every fibre of my being to be in such a beautiful place immersed in nature and be glued to technology. I spent most of my time swimming, scaling cliff faces, finding old ceremonial sites hidden in the rocks under the acropolis and fawning over Loren. You can forgive us, right?

I have loads of people sending in pictures from the event and they will all be put up on this site and catalogued properly. There are some brilliant ones! I also have official shoot photos from Jamie Alun Price, some images from Lydia Roberts and the personal photo diary of the healing process we took whilst away. There’s some absolute corkers. I’ve also been writing a day to day account of the whole experience including people’s reactions to a woman wandering the streets of Greece covered in calligraphy.

Again, thank you for you patience. There’s much more to come.

Love Stef x

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