Now the dust is settling I must say a massive and profound THANK YOU!!

Everyone at Cornerhouse was amazing particularly Gemma Richardson and Sara Ellis, my fantastic watchers who kept the space a safe environment for Loren and I to work in. Bren O’Callaghan you were missed and we owe you such a lot. Rosie Stuart, our micro-commission correspondent, who helped us set everything up and staying right until the very end, David Petty for capturing it on film (there’ll be time lapse footage to follow), Filbert Bean for being the King of Men and helping us get the tattoo bench from Ancoats to Oxford Street and of course Jamie Alun Price and Lydia Roberts for getting snap happy and being such lovely people (pics to follow!). You were all integral to this piece and I’m amazed after so many years of knowing how much stuff *can* go wrong in a performance, especially with such a sensitive piece, that nothing did – I’m taking that as a thumbs up from the Universe.

THANK YOU to everyone who came and supported, all my friends and loved ones throwing me distracting smiles, stupid faces or perplexed brows as I winced and lip synced my way through the rougher parts. Mum, David, Mollie, Laura, Andy, Leann (who appeared in front of me like a glowing vision at a particularly sore point and spurred me on), Charnelle (you get bonus points for free-styling to Massive Attack – you cracked me up – I really needed that) , Marie (a herb alchemist/wild woman who brought me almond oil to stop me from scarring – now why didn’t I think of that???),Simon, Kat, Mark, Nemonee, Zsuzsa, Elaine, Jonny, Petch, Mike and Miranda – you were all radiating molten beacons of warmth and support on the perimeter of our magic circle.

For everyone else who came to share the experience THANK YOU for your positivity, respect and understanding. I could feel it just as much as the words on my skin, it was manna. There were children and adults of all ages, some who stayed for hours and some who kept popping back in all day. It meant so much that you were genuinely interested in the project and that you saw through the obvious interpretations to the real love and honestly at its core. You are all Beautiful Souls and thank you to the photographers who have been sending in their shots. This piece is so much bigger than Loren and I, it was made from your words and thoughts and it is truly moving to see it through your eyes.
I LOVED reading everyone’s poetry when I got home on Sunday night, thanks for throwing yourself into that too – Exquisite Corpse never fails to spurn some potent flowetry. The visitor comments book was beautiful.

Oh, and last but certainly not least I have to thank Loren who did an amazing job of holding it (and me) together, especially when things got a little scary. As an artist and tattooist he astounds me and as a person he overwhelms and inspires me. I love him beyond words and without him I wouldn’t have the strength to do any of this.

Simply put,

I love you x

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