Poems Created by the Audience

How long can stars shine…forever
I saw the world through a changing light
Unfurl their cinematic wings, take flight
I’ve run out of reasons to turn back.
The time is now I’m right on track
Dream a better ending keep me up all night

– Nemonee

Don’t cut off you face to spite someone else’s face.
Deep within
I’m in a world where reality is whatever my mind can think of
It’s OK. Always . The Romantic.
The ocean calls its sons, deadly to the foolish, tender for the brave
Who drown in the green allure of my kiss

– Leanne x

Come here for a cuddle
Promises: This love
This is all I’m asking you.
And a horse.
I love you.

– The Dram

I want you to think about love;
Each dreaming breath
To see where I end and you begin
A mystery invites investigation.
A secret laid bare at a terrible cost.
A pound of flesh paid.
A tiny heart of glass,
Protecting you from the dark.

– Chris Boules

He was witty
For humility. For a wholesome eternity.
I wish to thank you. For serenity.
And we are infinitely heavenly.
Unity. Tentatively

– Wing Li and Fiona Li

I want you to think about love,
Far too many of my waking hours. each dreaming breath.
I can’t dream without you being there. Do you dream of me?
I’ll learn to sleep in this bed I’ve made, from my
Dreams your face will fade away.

– Anonymous

I exposed their lies
And I made my way back
One pill and within minutes
Paranoia has taken me
Into blissful harmony.

– Hatana!

You grow a mouth, you taste it. You weep.
And so I turn from you as ripe, young flesh passes through you fingertips.
Protecting you from the dark
A tiny heart of glass
To see where I end and you begin.
This love…
And then it stops.

– Anonymous

I breathe – I evaporate ‘mmmm…’

– Iris

Love – exquisitely, it invalidates your everyday, offering and escape, enchanting, fleeting, and unpredicted. We lose ourselves in its frosty promise.  We live with it and without it.

– Anonymous

The life I live can only be seen by God and for him to judge, this world is a mere mirage to distance yourself from a  chemical nudge.  I wish I could live it in a way which makes him proud, Sadly desires take over and prove I’m just another Khalifa in the crowd.

– Chieay

I want you to think about love:
Will you pave your way to death in solitude?
Whoever said ‘we all want love’ was a
Fucking fool

– Ros

I knew it could never turn out the way we had planned it.
Let him fall This Romantic.
The End.

– Dave ‘Shabbleshaft’ Driver xxxxx

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