Comments from the Audience

Absolutely blown away by this! Much respect and love 🙂 – Leanne xxx

Amazing! Brave girl! – love Nemonee xxx

Totally excellent, such varied subjects. Beautifully drawn. An inspiration! – Sharon x

Really great show, great work and nice sound tracks – U.V. Warrior DJGumpy

Wow! I keep popping fown for 5 mins every so often and the noise and the poem is lovely! Very inspiring – Charlotte Emily

I cannot pretend to fully understand this work yet but I will think about it for some time to come – John Lynn

Amazing loved it – AG

Great to see love described without cheese! – like xxx

Brilliant and evocative. Looking forward to following up the rest of the work online – what a great way to work across different media – Mary

Very brave artist! Brilliant exhibition – really enjoyed it! Well done Loren & Stef – x

Incredible to watch; thought provoking and beautiful. Thanks to all who have organized this – x

Brave! – J Laiks x

Rum on my tongue – M x

Very thought provoking Madame Elrick! – Chris Boules

Enjoyed the proximity to the audience. Interesting body canvas. Maybe could incorporate the audience involvement?


Really cool, guys. Felix will be telling us about the man drawing on Stef for a good while, I imagine.

Great show – simultaneously hopeful and heart wrenching.

Felt very emotional – had the urge to put a one pound coin in your hands for you to spend in any way that you feel would spread love around the world – Iris

Captivating – the music was the cherry on the cake!

Such and honour & priviledge to be part of this. Your grace, dignity and strength during the process were astounding. Such beautiful human moments, watching strangers connect with you, and each other, through your pain. – Jamie

We live in a society that is against abortion, but looks down on teenage pregnancy.

Very inspiring, creative and brilliant. Love your music too! Tim sends you kisses – Nemonee xx

An amazing exhibition. For it to be written on the body requires pain; but seeing this pain towards the end of the exhibition is hard. But I think this is itself part of the process –
Beautiful. Thankyou. Such a thing to make, and such a thing to share.

Just ditto the above, Thankyou xx Well done Loren and Stef xx

An incredibly moving/ witty performance, I feel honoured to be able to document for you. I hope you heal well! – Lydia x

The healing will be the most beautiful part of this piece.  I hope you don’t mind you inspired me. – Zsuzsa

Great job guys! Very tender/raw and representative of various aspects of love. Felt like a voyeur on your relationship – the little gestures, whispers between you two really brought out the ‘love’ dynamic of the performance. The whole space/ experience was well thought out, warm & inviting (avoiding the typical sterile tattoo environment) – great choice of music (obviously!) DO MORE! – Marie x

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