Stage 2 Begins :: Written in Skin

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted writing thus far, we’ve had an incredible response, so much in fact that we’d have to have quadruple Stefanie’s surface area if we were going to fit it all on!

So, now begins the process of chopping it down into segments and sentences, fusing your thoughts and ideas into one giant narrative spoken by one voice, ready to be turned into the final design; a head to toe suit of language that will blood lined on 19th May at Cornerhouse.

This is how it began ::


Loren and Stef cut up the submissions into smaller chunks and start to splice them together.


Eight independent verses are created, four by Loren and four by Stefanie. Some are hopeful, some are idealistic, some are cruel, some are full of sorrow, they represent all fluctuating aspects of love.


This is only the first draft including all eight verses, it will still need to trimmed down!

There’s still much more to do…..




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