#26 Joey Hateley

As if it had never came.  Space and silence.  Silence and space.  Alone again.  Hold me.  Please.  A touch that engulfed all of me.  A touch that sent shivers through my harmony into blissful unity.  So complex and simple I smiled, tentatively.  I opened, I beamed, I fed from a stranger who’s touch was so intimately tender. I wish to thank you.  For serenity.  For humility.  For a wholesome eternity, where I am no-longer separate and we are infinitely heavenly.

If worms merely rot flesh and suck senses then they have no power over me.  Only my mortality melts as I decompose in no mans land.  For I have escaped all knowing eyes and tongues set in the mortar of high rise cages and flown north north-east over enlightened caves.  I have shared Medusas marble’s and fought mutation by freezing maggots beneath the desert on the outskirts of sanity.  I have de-masked the mystery in dew drenched valleys drowning tours by unlearning ‘truths’ and encircling moon eclipsed silver streaked lips.  I exposed their lies and bewitched myself.  I have tunnelled beneath the Phoenix’s nest and turned the hourglass inside out to reach the eternal end where I may begin; deep in the Forest of No Regrets.

Joey Hateley ‘Gender Joker’ Manchester, UK


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