#25 Roy Parkes

I saw the world through an innocent light

A child to be a father to please

Life’s boundary to discover a confidence destroyed

A god for faith or false creation of man

Random thoughts suppressed to conform

To be the individual but a number you must have

I saw the world through a jaded light

Be a cynic to be labelled a truth to console

A passing too soon a life not to witness

Not so true love betrayed by unquestioning trust

The wanting to provide estrangement to withhold

The pain of love so bitter and sweet

I saw the world through a changing light

Want to hear music and feel with all its might

A thunderous bass a smile it can not resist

Entranced to escapism a satisfaction to be found

Performance to embrace a whole new world to create

I will say goodbye to the world through a happy light

Roy Parkes, UK

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