#13 Stef Elrick


The woman at the counter cups a tiny heart of glass,

You swap it for the shards you found behind the underpass.

At last, what you’ve been searching for, now clasp it in your gaze,

Admire its weight upon your fate as surroundings start to haze.


Phasing out of your attention the ceiling drips down past the walls,

The windows start to peel away and thaw into the doors.

Shuddering now in a brighter place, there’s a light to bleach your Soul,

Put your hand upon your chest, attest, no brooding beat at all.


The floor begins to fracture as you struggle to stand still,

Keep your little glass heart safe despite the overspill.

A heat begins to sear your skin and eyes no longer see,

You’re just a little speck of might in a white hot fantasy.


Still, cling tight to this little hope as it’s all there’s left to feel,

A centre to the frenzy in a world of unending unreal.

Hurtling faster all around you are heavy chunks of brick,

They’ll crush your little glass heart if you flinch or don’t act quick.


So now the only way to keep it safe so nothing will collide,

Open wide your meagre, eager throat and let it slip inside.


Stef Elrick, Manchester, UK.

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