#2 Gary Harkin


Can the wings of the winds hear your voices of wonder? Feel the dark tracings to the ends of the earth.  Understand the meaning of my nature and deliver me from the jaws of death. A beautiful fluency in your secrets, a lake to drown, a sea of sounds, the great oak falls with no one around.

Enflamed and soul elated, you’ve passed into the fog.

I cannot refuse you.


Lyrics to Bisonhammers song ‘King Of Sleep’

Who did this to you, and left you blind?

Did they deceive you, and leave you behind?

A fitful vision of love in bloom, at night this ghost slips in your room

Cut down the tree that bears rotten fruit, I hold my tongue and bite just for you

This dark night takes hold, tears strike the floor, why do my dreams feel like a war?

I’ve run out of reasons to turn back, the time is right now, I’m right on track

I draw you closer with all my will, if I can’t have you no-one will

With the ounce of strength that I have left, I’ll destroy this spectre with each dreaming breath.  I’ll learn to sleep in this bed I’ve made, from my dreams your face will fade away

She moves so gracefully & bleeds just like me

She moves so gracefully & bleeds just like me

I’ve become your enemy, I was once your lover

You break down the walls, you break them down

Break the walls down and leave your side

Sacrifice your dreams

The crisp sheets are hands that hold you, the king of sleep, the man that sold you

To your sanctuary, your place within

To your unlocked doors they come unbidden

They come into your room at night, in your mind they spill surprises

Unfurl their cinematic wings, take flight to haunt and guide us

They sow the seeds of contemplation, they are the box you can’t escape from

Why can’t I be alone?

I knew it never could turn out the way we had planned it

The love she had for me was taken for granted

I can’t dream without you being there. Do you dream of me?

Gary Harkin, Manchester, UK

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